Taste nutrition

Taste nutritionTaste nutrition is a very special concept in the nutrition system of the future. It is centered around the ability of our mind to perceive and process signals generated by various taste impulses. Such signals accompany food, yet are not dependent on it.

Taste is an active quality of a person’s mind, and our ability to perceive it can generate various secretory reactions in our body, which can also serve as additional sources of nutrition. This means that the perception of taste is accompanied not only by a bioenergetic reaction, but also a biochemical one, no matter whether we actually consume any food or not. Thus, here we’re dealing with different types of resonances, which can either grant (if we know how to perceive them) or sap away our energy. Every kind of flavor is a model the structure of which follows the relations between the organs and systems of our body. At the same time, every taste has its own generating organ, which perceives it both internally and externally, with the help of our mind. Our brain also has a separate external organ of perception. It is connected to the cerebellum and serves only to perceive the external aspect of taste. In total, there are six kinds of taste that on their own can play the role of nutritional sources.

Taste nutrition is a basic component for human existence that both determines the quality of our lives and the senses we experience. But most importantly, it can also help us alter and deepen such experiences.