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Citrine oil extract

Масляный экстракт «Цитрин»

Ingredients: citrine, sacha inchi oil.

Intake time: based on moon phase.


Citrine essential oil is a distilled product with a special resonance obtained via a nine-step distillation process. It supports the hormonal function of the stomach and lymphatic system. Thanks to its potent absorbing effect, this product facilitates the body’s natural digestive processes.

Special aspects

  • Helps produce and digest saliva.
  • Activates bone marrow cells in the clavicle area.
  • Facilitates the assimilation of hormones forming inner vision. This activates and nurtures cells of the calcaneus. Thus, the extract helps restore damage hidden deep in the brain, producing effects similar to stem cells.
  • The extract not only facilitates processes caused by our physiological insufficiencies, but also absorbed through external energies.

Zones the product nurtures and strengthens

Citrine occupies a special place among quartz minerals, as it is targeted at nurturing and activating bone marrow cells. Its chain of effects on body zones creates a unique formula to activate the body. This process involves and changes the structural functions of complex proteins, their non-protein components, and apoproteins.

Order of effects — chain:

Nasal bridge — stomach — sublingual gland — armpits — clavicle bones — glabellar area — calcaneus.

Nutrition type: high-vibration, alchemic.

Alchemic nutrition improves the assimilation of hormones and ferments produced by the body, as well as high-vibration radiation that penetrates our body from the outside. It actively accelerates the growth of bone marrow in flat bones, including skull bones.

Multi-step distillation inside the body allows the product to effect different parts thanks to changes in impulse. The main benefit of the product is how it balances hormonal processes related to occipital parts of the brain.

It occupies an essential position in nutrition yoga thanks to its ability to process fine energies. The focus of its structure strengthens and nurtures the brain and bones, making it a very concentrated gemstone. Its essence is thus easily absorbed and processed by bone marrow cells.

The Magnum Opus

Citrine essential oil is a unique product transmitting the vibrations of citrine. The process of preparing and making this product takes two years, resulting in a rich crystalline oil extract transformed over nine steps of distillation.

The Magnum Opus is based on knowledge of obtaining external elixirs, ambrosia and soma created by Arab and Chinese alchemists and perfected by Paracelsus.

Use instructions

Product intake requires focus and attention. The extract starts working in five minutes after intake and the effects last for up to one hour. Do not consume any food one hour before intake. Food does not hinder this product, but it reaches maximum efficiency only on an empty stomach.

Product consumption requires focus and attention. The extract starts working in five minutes after consumption and the effects last for up to one hour. Refrain from eating one hour before and after taking the product. It is used in nutrition yoga and alchemic nutrition during moon phase changes. Consume daily to strengthen bones. One dose — 2–3 drops.