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Rock Crystal oil extract

Масляный экстракт «Горный хрусталь»

Ingredients: rock crystal, caraway seed oil

Intake time: last quarter moon, waning gibbous.


Rock Crystal essential oil is a distilled product with a special resonance obtained via a nine-step distillation process. This extract supports the hormone functions of the body and provides it with high-frequency vibrations to maintain normal performance.

Special aspects:

  • Restores vital strength, sharpens the senses.
  • Improves hearing.
  • Nurtures and restores the prostate gland in men and Bartholin glands in women.
  • Balances thyroid gland hormone levels.
  • Revives the gall bladder.
  • Has a general restorative and cleansing effect on the body.
  • Stimulates bone and cartilage strength.
  • Improves immune reactions.

The high vibrations of this extract are absorbed by the body almost completely. The paramount impact point is penetration into the lung diaphragm. Then kidney breath is activated. All these positive processes happen thanks to the product integrating itself into the body’s hormonal functioning and monomeric proteins, thus improving your body’s primary structure the proper functioning of all systems.

Zones the product nurtures and strengthens

Order of effects — chain:

Occipital brain regions — temporal regions (related to hearing) — prostate gland — thyroid gland — liver — lung diaphragm — stomach — kidneys — pancreas.

This is the typical order. It follows a typical flow and interaction of the extract with body parts to restore cells and activate their hormone functions.

Nutrition type: high-vibration, alchemic.

Alchemic nutrition strengthens bone marrow in the cheekbone and produces a high-vibration saliva gradient. Multi-step distillation inside the body allows the product to effect different parts thanks to impulse changes. The product’s No. 1 benefit is that it activates liver breathing and the production of high-vibration energy in adrenal glands to help restore and nurture bone marrow.

This product is fundamental in the yoga of nutrition because it performs basic cleansing and restoration functions.

The Magnum Opus

Rock Crystal essential oil is a unique product transmitting the vibrations of rock crystal. The process of preparing and making this product takes two years, resulting in a rich crystalline oil extract transformed over nine steps of distillation.

The Magnum Opus is based on knowledge of obtaining external elixirs, ambrosia and soma created by Arab and Chinese alchemists and perfected by Paracelsus.

Use instructions

Product intake requires focus and attention. The extract starts working in five minutes after intake and the effects last for up to one hour. Do not consume any food one hour before intake. Food does not hinder this product, but it reaches maximum efficiency only on an empty stomach.

In yoga nutrition and alchemic nutrition, take this product during the waning gibbous, when you lack something or whenever needed. One dose — 2–3 drops.