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Rose Quartz

QuantOM Mono Crystals® Rose Quartz

Кристаллическая эссенция Розовый кварц

QuantOM Mono Crystals® Rose Quartz is a high-vibration product for crystalline nutrition produced in Switzerland. It is intended to strengthen and cleanse the body, and supply nutrition to the mucous membranes of the brain.

The crystalline essence of rose quartz nourishes, preserves and strengthens organs in the circulatory system, and also improves processes in the muscles. This product holds the key to a historical secret that taps into one of the driving forces of nature correlated with the energy inherent to the crystal itself.

The energy obtained from the crystalline essence flows into the organs and blood vessels, resonates with them, and also charges them.

By consuming the crystalline essence of rose quartz, at the very least we are helping prevent the deterioration of cells (if this process has begun) by changing the nature of their irritants. This means that the crystalline essence of rose quartz helps do away with destructive vibrations in the circulatory system, skin and a number of cerebral vessels –primarily those involved with aging, by working with and supporting molecular structures.

Nutrition with the crystalline essence of rose quartz is important for alleviating many issues in anatomy and psychology. When consumed, we temporarily subordinate the body to a higher degree of energy, and at the very least liberate it from possibly negative functions and vibrations.

The essence reshapes the laws of a body’s functioning and regroups them, inhibiting negative processes and combining positive ones.


Consuming high-vibration food is recommended as part of a nutrition yoga system. You should only take crystalline essence if you are 21 years of age or older and your body is fully formed. When taking the product, you must follow a complete nutrition program.

Children and pregnant women should only take the product after consulting with a specialist.

Attention: the product is made in Switzerland and meets all safety standards. However, the acceptable dosage must be verified by a specialist.

We must stress that this product has not been fully researched as a medical drug, and is primarily used for high-frequency nutrition.

Taking this essence is your choice for your own quality of life. This product is not a medicine, and is aimed instead at systematically changing the properties of the body, which in turn requires co-tuning and an understanding of objectives.

Do not take the product without reading about it first.

The crystalline essence of rose quartz is not a mere commercial endeavor–it is a product of serious and long-term work. Purchasing the product is only available through specialists.