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Caution, Food!

Caution, Food!What is contemporary food? It is a competition among bacteria, viruses and chemical compounds leading modern humans to mutations and dependence on low-quality and even artificial food.

But the most dangerous issue at play is the reduction and further damage to human organoleptic abilities, where a person stops sensing taste and interacting with it, which is not just a distortion of vital bodily functions, but a mental disorder.

Thus, the body becomes a testing ground for the evolution of various bacteria, among whom competition only leads to further perfection. They impose their taste preferences on human beings so they start to feed the various bacteria and viruses instead of themselves. But the bacteria do not intend to ever destroy their human hosts, as their organisms provide the environment for their reproduction and evolution.

The main locations of bacterial colonies are connected to the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts, i.e. the locations that supply the body’s living resources. In fact, they begin to control human reactions and block the flow of energy to the brain, serving only to irritate it. In this situation, even normal food becomes harmful, as the brain has not yet been trained to respond adequately to nutrition.

It turns out that neither in nutrition’s quality nor perception does a person receive what they need when considering human characteristics and the functions of consciousness. Eating low-frequency and mutated food, we deprive our body of the necessary tonality, which leads to sedation and suppresses the work of the endocrine glands.

The only way out for modern humans is to deprive themselves of their usual food. In fact, we are talking about replacing our current nutrition with one of a much higher frequency, that is, energy-based nutrition that will primarily nourish the brain. To win the fight against mutation and the impact of harmful environments is a matter of continued human existence.

© Oleg Cherne