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Diverting Our Attention To the Zygote

If someone had explained to Jasmuheen (Ellen Greve), the famous breatharian from Australia, that there was a relationship between her brain and DNA, which allows, for example, to consume the sun’s energy, she would not have confused or deceived people with esoterics, and everyone would be treating these processes in a more serious way, rather than just waiting for the breatharian to die without sausage, and becoming increasingly irritated by the subject.

The functioning of a modern human brain creates many by-products it does not then assimilate. And as it turns out, it is good if we neutralize these so-called free radicals, because if we ignore them, they ultimately neutralize us.

But this is a formula of interaction between the brain and DNA, so it is important to look anew at the anatomy of the former. We are subordinate to oxidizing biochemical reactions instead of being able to build and arrange them, thus distracting our organism from the struggle we constantly provoke in it. We have no vertical power structure in our body, and this is a problem. Hence the loss of sequence in processes related to nucleotides. So the house does not change, there is simply a mess there. Chromosomes do not visit newly formed cells. The very fact that we break the rhythm of our brain functions means we ruin our chromosome function as well.

The lower chains have to handle everything due to the protein imposed on us, without understanding why, and unable to actually assimilate it by the highest chains. For example, if you chew with the wrong rhythm you disturb saliva secretion, and so on. Or in the case of superficial, unnatural breath, when we put oxygen into our body more often than we should, we essentially dishabituate our body from processing it.

And finally, when we deprive our brain of concentration or simply lack these functions, we actually degrade ourselves to a biologically vegetative model, where our lives must be observed from the perspective of plants, a mutated biological object that has less chromosomes in one a daughter cell than in the other. All this forms a different type of person who does not need brain strength, and this topic is not for them. In fact, we can see this even now, at least from the perspective of food abundance and lack of quality of food. No brain would have sustained the stress of such foods or fluids in the past, but now — it is unavoidable!

Therefore, while some people are stuck on the ethics of modifying the code of DNA, we have already changed it. In this light, the research performed by scientists from the University of Zhongshan in Guangzhou, where they managed to replace a section of DNA, looks more like a fun game rather than a true breakthrough in science. You cannot create supermen like this, only super-biological robots. This leaves nothing but to learn everything anew, and for this we must divert our attention to the zygote.

Отвлечемся на зиготуA zygote is the primary fusion cell, which creates life. If you distract yourself from the idea of its germination (ovum and sperm), and focus instead on the idea of primary fusion, it is easy to see that there must be some sort of basic development strength in a human being. And here this is, first and foremost, a strength that unites. In other words, I am talking about strength that can result in new energy. What can create such strength in our body? Something that can issue a command, i.e. the brain.

In cases of the right concentration, the brain creates the strength of totipotency, i.e. this very possibility. And here support is crucial, as the environment is weaker, and as a result, fades.

For this reason, we shall say that Tantric Buddhism creates a pearl in one’s head to stay in a constant state of totipotency. This energy can not only replace a portion of DNA, but also flow differentially in DNA chains, i.e. simply change the disordered construction. The frame remains the same, but inside everything changes, or rather, becomes ordered.

The question is thus rephrased: on what level is there actually a problem? If it is more on the level of protein dependence, then one can change the DNA inside a cell, though this is still only possible in theory. This theory exists thanks to biochemist Jennifer Doudna, but it still focuses on matters more from the perspective of RNA. Here it is important for us not to become confused with the genome, or in coupling groups that are actually understood differently in the scientific community.

But this is still not the most crucial thing here. The most crucial is that all chains are in fact established along directions and represent a three-dimensional polymer. In other words, our task is to set a direction for the DNA chains, and not abuse the genetic code and genetic diseases by bringing viruses and bacteria together.

In fact, this can be successful with mice and monkeys, as their brains are stable. The human brain is complex, it deviates (gets irritated) and, accordingly, is affected by any resonant impulse and, since the main reagent for us is destructive and negative, this is naturally formed in our body, making us susceptible to negation.

That is, negativism is a condition of the brain’s subordination to the processing of destruction. The first protection function in an individual is the search for joy and fun, which is no more than a protective response in reality, as the brain is not involved in joy, it is only resting from something negative. But it is always involved with irritation and negativism. In order to eliminate the processes of DNA destruction, we need to focus our efforts on generating a positive and synchronized state of the brain (like in a mouse), which negativism is not able to distract from or take away.

© Oleg Cherne