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Irritable bowel syndrome

Раздраженный кишечникTo rid the body of nutrition-related disorders, one must bring the disorder of the brain to a state where it no longer responds to these disorders. This is a serious matter genetics is concerned with as well, for instance, to curtail the processes of fat absorption.

The times when science served humanity have sunk into oblivion, and people in fact no longer need it. Instead, they need to suppress the development of obesity or insulin resistance, and drugs for diarrhea, constipation or bloating… When a person lives with irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease, what does that make them? What should we call someone who brought these disorders on themselves? Their irritable brain depends on their irritable bowel. Who are these irritated members of humanity?

They are merely a business unit for buying all kinds of medical rubbish. They encourage companies to sell them products, and the companies in turn make scientists experiment on mice and spend budget money. And soon enough, no one will be left to say that it is the brain that should in fact control the appetite, and not the irritable bowel or stomach. Even today there are not so many people out there who are ready to listen.

If the bowel irritates the brain, then this stimulus can be turned off to treat the digestive disorder. But let’s not forget about such a fancy as something pleasurable; the use of chemicals to imitate pleasure is what awaits us when we eat food that irritates the intestines.

In general, brain neurons are not allowed to exist for no reason, and one malady will simply be replaced by another. After creating a disorder in the hypothalamus as a result of poor nutrition, one must divert this frustration to something else to announce an important contribution to the science of irritable bowel syndrome. Indeed, it would be interesting to test scientists for irritable bowel syndrome themselves before listening to their advice. It is about time to start living by the saying: «first look at the one who advises you, then listen to what they advise.» This is not about starving yogis and obese scientists, but rather about the principle.

After all, we are already the walking consequences of our habits, which are the result of our irritated brains, and if they were irritated by the bowel, then no matter what names you might call it, its essence will not change. Hostages of anti-nutrition are becoming harmful to everyone. The question here is of the uncontrolled absorption of something; it is not what we eat, but our stimuli for eating. That is, urges for preservatives and additives have formed new behavioral habits.

What is the point of talking about how 50–70% of people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome? These people are not only their own enemies, they are enemies of any nation or culture. They are not able to take an interest in nutrition, because everything that is contrary to their habits irritates them even more than their irritable bowels. Any useful information is useless for such people, and this is a big problem for anyone who eats normally and has the idea of useful information thrust upon them played out in different ways, otherwise there would not be so much rubbish in stores.

The fact that people are not informed about what is harmful and what is useful is not the problem — the problem is in fact in the surrounding culture and knowledge about how to eat, and in the attention and concentration from which irritable bowels distract.

© Oleg Cherne