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Nutrition Circuitry Tweaking

Микросхема питанияReferring to a particular type of nutrition, one should understand its design. The greater our goal, the more serious and deeper must be the design. The key goal of nutrition is to reconstruct the inner human code or improve it. This requires a specific type of nutrition — high-frequency food, which enables us to reformat our body as if implanting a new chip in it.

Nutrition is a process, and its reorganization should be gradual, by teaching brain regions to work with other frequencies. Each person has different brain regions activated, but the brain is not normally accustomed to reacting to high-frequency food, which means that it only absorbs its limited amount. When we eat high-frequency food, we revive our brain, offering nutrition to the brain first and foremost. By accepting the idea of high-frequency nutrition, we assist with balancing our brain.

High-frequency nutrition is nutrition of the future, which leads to the creation of conditions characterized by high-quality performance of the body, energy, and brain. Such performance takes a person away from rough values with a limited energy existence. They lead to other states of experience.

The brain contains a huge number of connections, which define the algorithm of human existence. The quality of these connections is largely dependent on our nutrition. It is not easy to reformat and improve our brain connections because they are defined not only by the living conditions but also by the period of time spent in these connections developed to a large extent by our reaction to food and its consumption. We are what we eat.

To reconstruct and improve brain connections, one must change the brain effort. But the developed dependencies and reactions forming the internal effect on the brain eliminate many opportunities as well as external influence.

People try to improve their body, energy and mind through breathing, nutrition, and practices. Representatives of different cultures have even tried to change brain activity by changing the skull shape itself. There is no question of success or failure in this area to be discussed, since there have been no serious studies in this field. But one thing is clear: high-frequency food is the key to many opportunities

However, it is impossible to understand the superior while being in the lowest state: experience is needed. Thus, understanding the change within oneself should be a real experience in a person. It is important to prevent a mindless, non-systemic approach in order to achieve balance and to restructure the connections. Otherwise, a person can fall from one uncontrollable dependence into another. The process of reattuning the brain connections must be balanced and controlled.

High-frequency nutrition is structural nutrition, a microchip to be retained by our consciousness. It requires serious disciplined work, consistency, and, most importantly, no rush. First of all, the effort of attention should be strengthened in the brain, and then concentration.

Future nutrition is a sacred geometry that must create the right microchip in a human being. The main and most important indicator of being on the right path should be the preservation of lucidity, adequacy, increased brain activity, as well as decreased consumption of mortality food, independence, and then complete rejection of it.

© Oleg Cherne