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Nutrition of the Future Principle

Логотип Питание будущегоThe principles of future nutrition are as follows: correct understanding of the concept of nutrition, development of the right attitude to nutrition, and the ability to divide it according to the vibration and energy principle. The most important principle of future nutrition is the art of energy regeneration.

Future nutrition is designed to predetermine changes in our body, depending on the energy development conditions and the organization of energy processes at various levels which can be perceived by our consciousness.

Naturally, our body depends on the circulation of energy on different levels which are determined by our lifestyle — static or dynamic — reactions to food or food concepts, experience or dependence. Nutrition is a diversified form of movement with a rhythm and a structure, determined by energy conservation, accumulation, and development.

The ability of the body to generate additional energy through movement, breathing, and the work of consciousness, also depends on body geometry. Therefore, the most important nutrition principle is the ability to regenerate what is already available. Although this process is complex, it is important to emphasize it. Even the ability to simply conserve energy during movement, breathing, and consciousness, is not just an additional condition to nutrition, but lies at its very foundation.

The main principles of the Future Nutrition System

Принципы питания будущего

  • Filling processes
  • Accumulation processes
  • Containment (agitation) processes
  • Absorption (circulation, rotation) processes
  • Transformation processes
  • Absorption processes
  • Conservation processes

The seven important principles of nutrition are based on the available and the acquired capabilities of our body systems, vessels, and organs. Therefore, it is important for us to learn to eat and «seal in» the food energy, which predetermines the nutrition level of our body, depending on the energy frequency. The more high-frequency food we eat, the more we give to our vitality, by nourishing not only the physical body but also the energy of the subtle body, which often lives at lower vibrations, thus destroying our spirit.

When viewing nutrition spectrally, we also get to know the spectrality of our body, learning to perceive the nutrition of complex body systems (for example, exocrine glands, and cellular nourishment).

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