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Sodalite oil extract

Масляный экстракт «Содалит»

Ingredients: sodalite, flax seed oil.

Intake time: Sundays.


Sodalite oil extract is a distilled product with a special resonance supporting the body’s hormone functions. It provides the body with high-frequency vibrations to help support the body as a whole. The product is obtained via a nine-step distillation process.

Thanks to the structure of the crystalline grid of sodalite, the product facilitates normal brain functioning at both lowered and heightened frequency spatial characteristics. Throughout the history of working with this gemstone, its ability to strengthen and nurture the brain has always been the foundation of working with its power. It is considered the most «intellectual» of all gemstones. Apart from being a special-purpose product, it also helps tune the brain to high-vibration nutrition, and facilitate consumption and ingestion, which improves our mental and spiritual capacities.

When switching to high energy level foods, our brain first needs to learn how to digest and process them. Sodalite crystalline oil extract is the main tool we have to facilitate this process. Its powerful structure and above-average frequency nurtures the brain and helps tune it to different tasks.

Special aspects

Sodalite is known for its vibration capacities, which help our brain develop and retain high-frequency vibrations. All crystalline products increase frequencies in the body in general and in its individual parts based on the crystal.

For sodalite, this area is the brain. Its structure is similar to that of our brain, which makes this crystalline extract unique, because it serves as both the nutritional environment for the brain and balances it. It enhances the molecular structure of the human brain and our endocrine system. It’s a forming essence that changes the tension in the brain-related endocrine system in a sophisticated way. A sky gemstone, sodalite is thoroughly perceived by our brains.

Sodalite pertains to the class of minerals with a general molecular lattice structure. It is capable of fulfilling the functions of many basic minerals in nutritional yoga related to brain nutrition. This mineral produces a general enhancing effect on the brain. Sodalite is the «brain» of crystalline nutrition.

  • Increases vital strength and sharpens the senses.
  • Regulates all ion vibrations in the brain.
  • Improved absorption capacity.
  • Plays an important role in strengthening the brain’s geometry.
  • Increases the frequency of the brain and protects it from impurities.
  • Focuses the mind and helps collect the brain together.
  • Generally strengthens the entire body.
  • Restores and strengthens brain blood vessels.
  • Nurtures and strengthens internal secretions in the brain glands and normalizes the hormone profile.
  • Supports the thyroid gland and pancreas.
  • Invigorates blood vessels.
  • Supports the lymphatic system.
  • Relaxes and synchronizes the lungs, thus balancing tension throughout the body.
  • Calms nerves, regulates blood pressure and relieves tension caused by excess weight or lack of insulin.

The high vibrations of this extract are absorbed by the body almost completely. The peak effect is reached in resonance with the flow of all liquids in the organism (especially the lymphatic system) and improves the upper structural chains of the body.

Zones the product nurtures and strengthens

Order of effects — chain:

Occipital areas of the brain — sternum — thyroid gland — frontal areas of the brain — olfactory area of the brain — nasopharynx — lower stomach — upper cheekbones — occipital part of the brain — temporal area — cerebellum — apical areas — cervical region — leg and arm bones.

This is the typical order. It follows a typical flow and interaction of the extract with body parts to restore cells and activate the hormone functions of bone marrow and the body.

Nutrition type: high-vibration, alchemic.

Alchemic nutrition strengthens bone marrow in the skull and produces high-vibration activity in the head glands. Multi-step distillation inside the body allows the product to effect different parts thanks to changes in impulse. Its main benefit is that it activates breath in the brain and the production of high-frequency energy in the hypothalamus required for the restoration and nutrition of the whole body. This product is fundamental in the yoga of nutrition because of its basic brain cleansing and restoration functions.

The Magnum Opus

Sodalite essential oil is a unique product transmitting the vibrations of sodalite. The process of preparing and making this product takes two years, resulting in a rich crystalline oil extract transformed over nine steps of distillation.

The Magnum Opus is based on knowledge of obtaining external elixirs, ambrosia and soma created by Arab and Chinese alchemists and perfected by Paracelsus.

Use instructions

Product intake requires focus and attention. The extract starts working in five minutes after intake and the effects last for up to one hour. Do not consume any food one hour before intake. Food does not hinder this product, but it reaches maximum efficiency only on an empty stomach.

Take the product during the lowest and highest stress days of the brain as part of the yoga of nutrition and alchemic nutrition. In the event of brain issues, it is recommended to take the product daily to boost efficiency and maintain brain cells in good condition.