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Rose Quartz oil extract

Масляный экстракт «Розовый кварц»

Ingredients: rose quartz, black caraway seeds oil.

Intake time: every other day


Rose Quartz oil extract is a high-vibration product created for crystalline nutrition. It strengthens and cleanses the body, and nurtures the mucous membrane of the brain.

It is a distilled product with a special resonance obtained via a nine-step distillation process. This extract supports the hormone functions of the body and provides it with high-frequency vibrations to maintain normal performance.

Special aspects

It has a general invigorating and toning effect. Crystalline essence of rose quartz nurtures, preserves and strengthens organs, and invigorates blood and muscles. It embodies the mysteries of positioning man in one of the motion forces of nature related to the tension contained in the crystal.

The tension acquired from the crystalline essence has the capacity to reach organs and blood vessels, resonate with them, activate the laws of energy and preserve them.

Rose quartz oil essence is vital in multiple issues regarding anatomical and mental well-being. By taking rose quartz, we temporarily subjugate our body to a higher tension and remove all oppressive functions and vibrations.

The essence restructures how our body operates and regroups all processes, hindering the negative and combining the positive.

  • Strengthens the digestive system as a highly efficient food product.
  • Invigorates the reproductive system.
  • Invigorates the spleen and pancreas.
  • Normalizes the production of male (in men) and female (in women) sex cells.
  • Regenerates kidney cells.
  • Decelerates the ageing processes.

Zones the product nurtures and strengthens

Order of effects — chain:

Esophagus — stomach — frontal areas of the brain — eyes — reproductive system — throat — celiac plexus — occipital areas of the brain — cerebellum.

This is the typical order. It follows a typical flow and interaction of the extract with body parts to restore cells and activate their hormone functions.

Nutrition type: high-vibration, alchemic.

Taking rose quartz essence is an ideal basic practice for anyone ready to transition from hard nutrition to the consumption of high vibrations.

Rose quartz protects cells from decay by changing their tension function. Rose quartz crystalline oil essence maintains cell structure and helps eliminate harmful vibrations in the vascular and skin systems, and brain blood vessels.

Alchemic nutrition strengthens the operation of bone marrow in the skull and sternum, which helps produce tension oriented at restoring and nurturing bone marrow in the corresponding areas.

Multi-step distillation inside the body allows the product to effect different parts thanks to changes in impulse. The key benefit of the product is its capacity to activate kidney breathing. This product is fundamental in the yoga of nutrition because it helps accomplish the basic functions of transitioning to high-vibration nutrition.

The Magnum Opus

Rose Quartz essential oil is a unique product transmitting the vibrations of rose quartz. The process of preparing and making this product takes two years, resulting in a rich crystalline oil extract transformed over nine steps of distillation.

The Magnum Opus is based on knowledge of obtaining external elixirs, ambrosia and soma created by Arab and Chinese alchemists and perfected by Paracelsus.

Use instructions

Product intake requires focus and attention. The extract starts working in five minutes after intake and the effects last for up to one hour. Do not consume any food one hour before intake. Food does not hinder this product, but it reaches maximum efficiency only on an empty stomach.

To tune the body to high-vibration foods and help it digest other crystals, take one drop of the product up to five times daily (at any time).

This product demands a vegetarian and generally restricted diet. To support basic brain functions related to the brain cortex, take two drops during the day every other day.